My abstract works reference images of nature and the environment. In-Flight Views is a new series of monotypes on paper, which reference nature from an aerial view. The work created in 2013 to 2014 are based on snapshots taken during flights to/from Thunder Bay, Vancouver and New York City, between August and November 2013. This ongoing series explores distilled views of passing moments in time. The aerial views are natural abstractions: farm lands, various bodies of water, and the network of roads that connect the countryside to the cities are viewed through the small airplane window. I capture these images through photography, and they are the source from which I base my prints. Utilizing the immediacy of the monotype process, I explore the images in the studio by printing unique impressions of the same image, varying their composition. The details of the landscape are removed, focusing on the juxtaposition of the colour, shape, and the movement of the water and land. Each print’s title pinpoints the exact moment in time when the source image was photographed. The specific location is left ambiguous, emphasizing the significance of the final destination. The date and time of each image provides a point of reference for my view within that moment, as I wait to arrive at my destination. I am a passive observer.