Abstract Women Artists at Capital One, Toronto

I’m in a group exhibition curated by Tracey Capes in the downtown Toronto office at Capital One with other fantastic artists from Open Studio. I helped her organize it (my last off-site exhibition as an Open Studio staff member), and I usually don’t want to be in shows that I organize, but Tracey wanted to include me and I felt honoured that she did. Below are pics of the reception for the exhibition, and it celebrates women artists who work with abstract imagery. Plus I saw the works I sold to Capital One through Tracey Capes when I worked at Open Studio, in the winter 2018. The show runs to October 2018 and I think it’s only visible by appointment as the show is in their office. If you’re interested in any of the works contact Open Studio up to the end of the show. Really great to be a part of this. Thank you Tracey for including me!

Photos of: Artist, Astrid Ho and curator, Tracey Capes in front of Astrid’s work (left) and work by Susan Cunningham; View from Birmingham Library (UK) #4; View from Birmingham Library (UK) #3'; installation view of exhibition with work by (right to left) Carlina Chen, Irina Schestakowich, Loree Ovens, Laura Bydlowska, Libby Hague and Yael Brotman; other perspective of installation with works by Yael Brotman and other artists; another installation view with works by (left to right) Carlina Chen, Ann Unger, Lorna Livey, Isabelle Hémard and others; Ann Unger and her Library Book Pockets series purchased by Capital One, 2018 (one set of the many works purchased by them).